Blown Sugar

May 26, 2012

Blown Sugar Bubbles on a Small Cake

Blown sugar is stunningly beautiful and has many applications in artisan cake making.  I like to blow simple bubbles and attach them to food friendly bamboo skewers and placing the bubble directly onto the the cake as if it were a display of gumpaste flowers.

The bubbles shown in the photo above were made from Isomalt sugar which is the same sugar used in diatetic candies and should not be eaten in great quantities as it has a negative affect on the digestive system.

I cook the isomalt in a heavy bottom sauce pan to a temperature of 340 degrees which gives me a very hard end product.  To color the sugar, I use powdered colors and the many beautiful colors available in the form of luster dusts or petal dusts make it possible for the cake maker to obtain just about any color desired.  Make sure the dust is thoroughly blended with the dry isomalt before adding a tiny amount of water to the isomalt and begin the cooking process.

Isomalt is expensive and it is necessary for students of hot sugar to be able to practice using a less expensive option which is to cook granulated cane sugar and adding a bit of tartaric acid to the pot.

Here is a good formula for all of you interested in practicing the art of hot sugar:

Make a Tartaric Acid Solution by mixing 1/2 cup of hot water with 4 ounces of tartaric acid.  Keep the solution in a bottle that is tightly covered.

Place in a saucepan:

1 kg of granulated sugar

400 grams of cold water

Melt the sugar in the water over medium heat and then bring to a boil.

Add 200 grams of glucose and heat to 160 degrees Celcius..add 10 drops of tartaric acid to the cooked sugar and cook to 165 degrees C… remove from heat and allow the boiling to stop.

You can color the sugar while it is cooking.  To obtain shades of the same color, color the sugar lightly and pour onto silpat, then add a bit more of the same color and pour onto the silpat.  This will give you shades of the same color.

I like using hot sugar as a medium for making decorations for cakes as it hardens quickly and looks wonderful


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