Chocolate Mousse

May 27, 2012

This very pretty cake is being made by a cake enthusiast who has done a great job decorating this delicious little cake.

For the best Chocolate Mousse you will ever make or taste or serve….here goes!  As for the dark chocolate, in the USA please don’t hesitate to use E. Guittard dark chocolate.  It is amazing what has happened with chocolate since I was a young chef…but Guittard was our high-end chocolate way back when and it is still good.  Not that the lovely imports aren’t wonderful, they are but please don’t forget about Guittard.  I use it in my fondants as well.


8 ounces dark chocolate

Whip in the bowl of a heavy duty 5 quart mixer until the volume has tripled and become very light and fluffy:

4 ounces egg yolks

4 ounces  whole eggs

Then add to stabilize the egg mixture with:

2 ounces granulated sugar

Boil to 240 degrees F:

6 ounces granulated sugar moistened with

1/4 cup cold water


1 lb heavy cream and set aside in the refrigerator

2 Tablespoons pure vanilla extract or Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste


Melt the chocolate and set aside.  The chocolate needs to be 90 degrees F when it is added to the egg meringue.

Whip the cream and set aside in the refrigerator.

Whip the whole eggs and yolks in the bowl of a heavy duty 5 quart mixer and when the eggs become light and fluffy, stabilize with 2 ounces of granulated sugar, continue to whip until the sugar is dissolved into the egg mixture.

Bring to a boil the 6 ounces of granulated sugar moistened with cold water and cook until the temperature reaches 240 degrees F.   When the sugar has cooked, pour over the egg mixture slowly.  The hot syrup will not over cook your eggs because it will go for the granulated sugar that has stabilized it.  Whip until completely cooled.

The chocolate can be added to the whipped egg/sugar mixture and folded in very quickly with a very sure hand and a large rubber spatula.  Fold in the cold whipped cream and add the vanilla.

Your chocolate mousse is done.

You can flavor the chocolate mousse with all sorts of wonderful things like Grand Marnier or Hazelnut Paste.  Use your imagination and conjure up some delectable flavor combinations of your own.

When using as a filling for a wedding cake that is stacked and tiered, remember to use a buttercream dam around the rim of the cake before filling with the chocolate mousse.  The buttercream dam will assure that the filling will not ooze out.

If you are using chocolate mousse that has been refrigerated for a period of time, simple allow the mousse to sit at room temperature long enough to soften slightly before filling your piping bag otherwise your mousse will separate and soften or liquefy which is not pleasant.


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