Chocolate Glaze

June 3, 2012

The thing about glazing is that it is temperature sensitive.  You can certainly glaze buttercream iced cakes but the buttercream might crack.  Some people swear by glazing cakes that are iced in whipped chocolate ganache which is a recipe that will follow this one.

The important thing is to glaze an iced cake to get a smooth coat of glaze.  Glazing over a screen on a plastic wrap lined sheet pan is helpful because catching the glaze on the plastic wrap will make short work of packaging the chocolate glaze and storing it in the refrigerator.

In a saucepan, heat to a boil

8 ounces of milk

8 ounces of heavy cream

5 1/4 ounces corn syrup

Add to the hot cream

1 lb 4 oz good quality semisweet chocolate

Whisk until smooth and then whisk in

3 1/4 oz unsalted butter that is room temperature

Allow to cool until the mixture starts to thicken.  If you use the glaze while it is too warm, it will melt the undercoat.

Chocolate Glaze is good for glazing cakes but it is also good for dipping eclairs in as well.

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