Garland of Lavender and Purple Sweet Peas

My name is Tobey deChristopher and I am the founder of The Artisan Cake Guild.  I have been baking for over 33 years.  I am a formulator and have created many wonderful recipes for cakes, fondants, breads and fillings.  The original recipes on this blog are meant for all to share.  I hope you enjoy this blog.

This collection of recipes is designed for the home cake maker but the very clever professional cake maker will understand how to make these recipes in quantity.

Here is hoping that your cakes rise well, your buttercreams are smooth and your fillings are to die for.


Tobey deChristopher


The Artisan Cake Guild


16 Responses to “About”

  1. Jodi Johnston Says:

    Hi Tobey, Its Jodi in Wenatchee, How are you? I was contacting you today to see if you wouldn’t mind sharing your coconut pecan filling for a German Chocolate cake?

    • Hi Jodi,
      Just wanted to bring to your attention that I posted the German Chocolate Cake filling recipe that you requested. I don’t know if you get this reply, but hopefully you will check in this blog soon.
      Take care,

  2. Naana Says:

    So glad to have found your site!

    • I am very glad you found this blog as well. There is nothing worse than not knowing the best decision to make regarding equipment for cake making. I will be doing more postings of equipment in the near future that will be helpful as well.

  3. Blake Says:

    You appear to be an amazing baker. After reading so much about you, I was utterly disappointed to find out that you are retiring. Would you be interested in doing any private lessons?

  4. Terri Moreno Says:

    I just stumbled across your site and I must say it is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your recipes and your photos are beautiful. I am a stay at home mother and grandmother and I enjoy making cakes to help supplement our household income. I have seen some of your recipes that I can’t wait to try! I hope you continue to post even though I see that you have or are going to retire. Thank you again for a very helpful and informative site
    Terri Moreno

    • Hi Terri…forgive me for the late reply…I am in New England working on a bread project and I don’t have very good wifi here…the computer doesn’t connect to the web well at all..welcome aboard and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.. glad you are able to supplement your family income with cake making…in the old days, ladies in the neighborhoods would become designated cake makers for their social circles…they kept their cake money for special occasions…best wishes to you for great cake making…kind regards,

      Tobey deChristopher

  5. Bettyjo Privett Says:

    Hello There Tobey,
    Bettyjo here, how are u, You have amazing recipes,

  6. Bettyjo Privett Says:

    Hello There Tobey,
    Bettyjo here, how are u, You have amazing recipes, I took a class from u a couple tees ago I do have one question about your pie dough I have made it several times and on the edgesof the pie plate all the way around it keeps falling down as it bakes, can u let me know why that is happening, Thank u very muchyour friend Betttjo Privett,

    • Hi Bettyjo..of course I remember are you? I am good..working on a bread project of sorts. Here is a tip for pie that I learned in New England from a rather good blueberry pie maker..freeze the pie after it is filled and shaped..the pie can be put into the oven in the frozen state and it will maintain its shape fact I am going to modify this recipe to include that process..if the pie is frozen solid, you can add some bake time to the pie..about 20 minutes for a 9″ frozen rock solid pie..Absolutely lovely.

  7. LEO RACICOT Says:

    Hello! I see on here that you knew and worked with and for dear, dear Rosemary Manelle who was a pal of mine out at Mary Frances Fisher’s Last House. Do you know if Rosemary is still with us? It would be so nice to say hello again!
    Wonderful Website you have here. I am enjoying reading through it on this snowy cold New England afternoon. Cheers to you! Leo My email address is: LEORACICOT@GMAIL.COM

    • Hi Leo Racicot..nice to hear from you and that you were a friend of Rosemary Manell. We were neighbors in Belvedere and when I went to Culinary School back in 1979, she was a very helpful influence. We also worked on a little pizza project together and I like to think we influenced her a great deal.
      Sadly, Rosemary is no longer with us. She passed away a number of years ago..
      The last time I saw her was in about 1987 before I moved to Rhode Island..I lost touch with her as her world moved in such a different direction than mine did. I am glad you like this little is just the place where I keep some recipes for students mostly..and my recipes as I tend to kill computers after a few years and was losing them all the time..

  8. Edraline Says:

    Hi Tobey,

    I just found out about you and the Cake Guild from a posting on CakeCentral, but it seems I’m a little late to the party as you’ve retired? But I’m happy for you, and I hope retirement is treating you well! I’m sorry I missed your place! What are you working on these days?

    I was getting in touch to ask about renting your kitchen in Seattle. I’m a chef as well, based on the East Coast and will be coming to Seattle for my sisters wedding in Aug. I will be coming a week before to help with whatever needs to get done and I am also making her cake(s). Since her place will be full and busy, I was hoping to find someplace I could work on the cake. The event will actually be in Long Beach, WA, so I will probably assemble and decorate there. But I was hoping to have all the components baked and done during the week. Would you have any suggestions? Thanks so much for your time!

    Cheers, Ed

    • Hi … My studio is closed…. I created this blog mostly for my students… I do not know how things are in Seattle these days regarding cake making… I wish I could help you… Have you done a search for the Long Beach area for a commercial kitchen that you could rent? Even a kitchen in a Rotary Club or Community Center? That would be your best bet..

      • Edraline Says:

        No worries. Thanks so much for responding so quickly. Sorry I missed your place, and from what I read, a lot of your students as well. Thanks again!

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