May 5, 2013

Little Golden Angel with a Heart

When making a figurine out of sugar, it is best to use a combination of fondant and gumpaste to get a longer period of time to work the paste and position your figurine for drying.  It will take a bit longer to dry and you will have to factor that time into your piece.  For pieces that will take a bit of time, I use 50% gumpaste blended with 50% fondant.  The glue that I use is a glue made of gumpaste mixed with water.  Toothpicks serve as great tools to secure arms, legs and heads to the body.  The clothing and wings are made by cutting flower petals out of gumpaste..with the angel I used a tulip cutter.



This little mermaid was made to sit off the edge of the cake, I dried the mermaid sitting off the edge of a cake pan the size of the cake to get the fins to dry the way I wanted them to dry.  To obtain a great and grand tail for the mermaid, I rolled the body out of a piece of 50/50 and used scissors to cut the separation.  I tooled the tail with my ball tool and the Dresden side of my veining tool to get the fine detail.. the waves are made of buttercream and this is a buttercream iced cake.  It is ok to combine buttercream with sugarpaste..those old rules about not combining the two mediums are just that..old rules..they don’t apply anymore.

Baby Shoes


For this baby shower cake, I made the baby shoes from a template which allowed me to make them from pure gumpaste.  They were allowed to dry in a natural position making them more realistic looking.  I applied the shoes to a round plaque so that they could be saved by the expectant mom for as long as she wanted them.

Sugar crystals are fun to make.   They can be any color you wish to have using simple gel colors manufactured by my favorite company, Americolor.


You are going to need a large pot, some plastic wrap, a dowel, wire, gumpaste, shortening and granules of sugar.


3 pounds granulated sugar

1 pound water

Moisten the sugar with the water in a large saucepan.  Bring to a boil and do not stir the syrup at all.  Turn the heat off and cover the saucepan with plastic wrap so that there is moisture that forms on the plastic wrap and washes down the sides of the saucepan preventing any crystal of sugar from forming.  Allow to cool for at least 8 hours.

To create a sugar crystal decoration, you will need to dry a piece of gum paste in the desired shape on the end of a hooked floral wire.  Wipe a thin layer of white shortening on the dried gum paste and dip in granulated sugar.  The granulated sugar assists in the growing of the sugar crystals.

Pour the sugar syrup into a container that allows you to dip the  end of the floral wire with the gum paste into the syrup suspending it in the syrup without having the tip of the gum paste touch the bottom of the container.  If it touches the bottom of the container, you run the risk of crystals growing and attaching themselves to the bottom of the container.

Place a dowel over the container and hook the wires over the dowel when you know how they will fit in the container filled with the syrup.  Allow to sit undisturbed for a couple of days, three at the most.  Check your crystal growth.

Remove from the syrup and allow to completely dry.  Remove the wire and if you are lucky, you can remove the gum paste form as well.