October 25, 2012

Spray of Cherry Blossoms

This is by far, my favorite formula for making gumpaste.  The petals of flowers like the Rose can be tooled thinly but because of the egg white in this formula and the gelatin, the petals seem to be stronger than with other formulas. Remember that you do not want to overheat your gelatin.  14 seconds in the microwave should give you a temperature of about 112 degrees F .  I use an infrared digital thermometer which works quickly and accurately. Gumpaste 2 pounds confectioners’ sugar 2 Tablespoons CMC powder 4 teaspoons white shortening 4 teaspoons corn syrup, glucose or Trimoline 1 full Tablespoon unflavored powdered gelatin ¼ cup cold water Two egg whites from large eggs Dissolve the gelatin in the ¼ cup cold water. In the bowl of a heavy duty mixer, combine the CMC powder with the confectioners’ sugar until well blended. Melt the white shortening in a sauce pan over low heat.  Add the corn syrup, glucose or Trimoline. Microwave the unflavored gelatin for about 14 seconds.  The melted shortening blended with the corn syrup should be a temperature of about 104 degrees F before adding the microwaved and melted gelatin.  Whisk this mixture well and pour into the mixer over the confectioners’ sugar.  Blend with the paddle for about 20 seconds and then add the egg whites.  Allow the mixer to run and incorporate the liquids into the confectioners’ sugar.  The mass will come together and look like a creamy thick royal icing.  Allow the machine to run for a full minute so that the confectioners’ sugar absorbs all the liquid. Turn out onto a clean board that is dusted liberally with confectioners’ sugar so that you can knead the gumpaste for a few minutes.  Double wrap and refrigerate for 24 hours before conditioning with white shortening. Condition the gumpaste the next day with small amounts of white shortening, warming the gumpaste in your hands and softening it into a workable paste.  Double bag in ziplock storage bags and keep refrigerated.