Amazon dot com

Here is a partial list of the ingredients used in artisan cakes that can be found on the website Amazon dot com:

I like to use invert sugar in my white and dark chocolate fondants.

Trimoline Inverted Sugar - 7 kg

I use glucose syrup in my chocolate glaze and for gumpaste as well.

Caullet Glucose Syrup - 2.2 lb

Trablit coffee extract

This wonderful coffee extract is very strong and a little goes a long way.  Perfect for flavoring buttercreams or Bavarian Cream Fillings or Chocolate Mousse.  Also used in soaking syrups for cakes such as Vanilla Chiffon Cake with Coffee Bavarian Cream Filling, Tiramisu made in wedding cake form or the ever wonderful Opera Cake.

Trablit Coffee Extract

Pure Almond Paste

For those of you interested in making real marzipan, you can purchase this absolutely wonderful almond paste from Amazon.

Premium Almond Paste - 66% Almonds (1LB Tub)

E. Guittard White Chocolate is what I prefer for my white chocolate fondant

Chef Rubber dot com

Chef Rubber also ships invert sugar .. have a good look at their website.

Good for Isomalt and ingredients for fancy chocolate making and pastry making as well.

Isomalt 2kg/4.4lbs.














Tartaric acid for making pulled sugar or blown sugar decorations using cane sugar.

Tylose 500g / 1.1lb.

Tylose powder used as an essential ingredient gum paste making.

Global Sugar Art dot com

I love this website for gum paste supplies and equipment.  You can purchase commercially made gum paste on this site made by Satin Ice which is good gum paste or you can make your gum paste if you are making a tremendous number of gum paste flowers.

Satin Ice Gum Paste - 2 lb

Global Sugar Art also carries gel pastes for coloring gum paste and fondant or buttercreams..I like Americolor which are very vivid colors.

Americolor Gel Paste Student Kit, Twelve .75 oz. Colors

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